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The Brotherhood of Nod
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What Is the Brotherhood?

You will gain much, when you learn.

What is the Brotherhood?
The Brotherhood is in all. We,the oppresed, fight for the true future: The Tiberium Future. A future that will change the earth, and all of Mankind.
Kane, our leader, is the true voice of the brotherhood. Since his coming, we have learned that our future lies in Tiberium. His history still lives on until this day...
Why embrace Tiberium?
The earth is in ruin, its resources drained, and its economy decimated, Tiberium is the new age. When Tiberium came to earth, Kane and Brotherhood embraced it with respect. But GDI and the West, feared and hated it. They have allways feared what they don't understand...
The scientific community is confound by it, but we use it to help our brothers and sisters.
What is the Tiberium Age?
The Tiberium Age is the future. The future of us all, the future of the world and mankind.
Who will lead us?
Kane is dead, but that will not stop us. We continue to fight GDI wearever they may be. We fight for our brothers, sisters and -- people like you.

The world of Brotherhood, the world of Peace.

"Peaceful, isen't it?" - Slavik

One Vision, One Purpose: The Technology of Peace!