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The Brotherhood of Nod
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Kane Lives in Death


Rest, brothers and sisters. Your journey for peace has nearly reached an end.

Your brethren have felt the suffering and cruel injustices delivered by the hand of the GDI. We have seen the world slowly die, at the hand of petty world governments while the people become infected with Tiberium poisoning. Most importantly, we have heard your cries of help from the wastelands of what used to be an earthly paradise.

Fear not. We have come to deliver you.
Since the coming of KANE long ago, we have fought on your behalf. Now, we have stepped out from the shadows to call upon the spirit of KANE and right the injustices of a cruel world. Our source of strength? Tiberium, a gift from heaven.




"It is my destiny to lead the way for all mankind..." - Kane

One Vision, One Purpose: The Technology of Peace!